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The Ismael Mathay, Sr. High School, formerly called the GSIS Village High School, is a high school situated in Quezon City, Philippines and more popularly known as the IMSHS, or simply, Mathay. The students and alumni are dubbed the "Ismaelians". The Village Bounty is the high school official organ formed in 1971 by the pioneer students. The former GSIS Village High School known as GSISVHS and fondly called "U.P. High" or "IS" located on Grants Street was a bounty, reward or grant to the humble and peaceful residents of the village and surrounding Project 8, Tandang Sora, and Pugad Lawin areas. The Village Bounty is a tender memento of a lifetime and, today, the IMSHS is a milestone of the village bounty.

The former Quezon City mayor, Ismael Mathay Jr. (1992-2001) played a vital role in the transformation of the GSISVHS. During his reign, the GSIS Village High School was renamed after his late father, lawyer  Ismael Mathay Sr.

Sir Ismael Mathay, Sr.
His very first cyber photolink only here
Photo source: The Library of Congress, Washington D.C. 1944

In 1992, the GSIS Village High School located in placid and fast-developing GSIS Village on  Project 8, Quezon City was reborn and changed his name after the late statesman Ismael Mathay Sr.

Ismael Mathay Sr. was a Philippine politician.

He studied law and was admitted to the Philippine Bar on 16 January 1925. Later, he was appointed by Sergio Osmeņa, second President of the U.S. Commonwealth of the Philippines as Budget and Finance Commissioner for the War Cabinet (1944-45) before Executive Order 15-W amalgamating and reforming the Executive Departments of the Commonwealth government on 8 August 1944. On 27 February 1945, Executive Order Number 27 was issued upon the reestablishment of civilian authority to the government of the Commonwealth, and a new cabinet was formed on 8 March 1945. Moreover, departments were consolidated and renamed. Osmeņa created the Cabinet and Judicial Appointments (1945-46) and appointed Ismael Mathay Sr. as Secretary of the Budget. In the 1960s, Ismael Mathay Sr. held a position of auditor general, board director, and general manager of the National Marketing Corporation.

Ismael Mathay Sr. is the father of Augusto A. Mathay, lawyer, Philippine Bar, 7 February 1963 and Ismael A. Mathay Jr., also a lawyer, Philippine Bar, 10 March 1958, who would later follow his father's political steps and who was instrumental to the flourish of the GSIS Village High School; grandfather of Ismael G. Mathay III, 2001–04 Congressman 2nd District, Quezon City  - Ponciano G. Mathay, lawyer, Philippine Bar, 18 October 1954 - Ramon G. Mathay, Quezon City Council, Board Member, 2005-06; and great grandfather of award-winning Manila film actress Ara Mina and model/television star Cristine Reyes.

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 "For sure we will be the wiser administration. It is an adminstration more thoroughly familiar with the city and its people - knowing their needs and aspirations. And an administration knowledgeable of the measure to pursue to serve them. We are more aware of our strengths and shortcomings, the better for us to determine the viable options and programs that will work for the city. And we are now better forewarned about the difficulties and the obstacles along the way of effective and efficient governance and administration."        -- Honorable Ismael A. Mathay Jr., Quezon City Mayor 1992-2001

"We need education. From my end, education is the only avenue for securing success and good future. There is no better weapon than preparedness, and being competitive. I challenge you to face this - we must face this - to produce the best, as I feel that in the future we will be the best." -- Honorable Ismael A. Mathay Jr., 31 March 2004