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Class of 1973 Reunion 2009 in Manila
Mr. Danilo Guevarra seated on extreme right with the pioneers.

Class 1974 reunites in Manila 33 years later

Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas
Alumni Class'75 President, Mr. Reynaldo S. Rodrigo (right) leads his class to las vegas

Mathay google map

Have you seen Mathay? Go and click "him" on Maplandia above.

                                   Kerk's Buhay IMSHS: Bakas Ng Kahapon   Click LOL Trip

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For Class 1972 to Class 1976, please navigate to "Pick Your Forum"


For Class 1977, Mr. Gilbert Aladin of al-Khobar, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on


For Class 1978, Mr. Bobbikins A. Reyes of Toronto, Ontario, Canada on


For Class 1979, Mr. Ricardo A. Benitez of Wellington, New Zealand on 


For Class 1980, please navigate to "Pick Your Forum"


For Class 1981, Mr. Arizaldy P. Alambra of Las Pias City, The Philippines on


For Class 1982 to Class 1989, please navigate to "Pick Your Forum"

There is light at the front and end of the tunnel.

For Class 1992, click Mrs. Mary Ann Carag
For Class 1993, click Ms. Rosalie A. Apo 
For Class 1995, click  Mr. Joseph Adan
GSISVHS Alumni Friendster Connection, click Mr. Romel Mabida
IMSHS Students Friendster Connection, click Student Assistant's League
IMSHS Barkadas, click IMSHS Barkadas
For Class 1999, join Ms. Mary Grace Omaking
For Class 2001, click Ms. Apple Daple 
For Class 2002-2003, post message to
For Class 2004, click Burgundy
For Class 2005, click Ms. Heartheren Rivera
For Class 2006, click Mr. John Lorenzo Manalili or Mr. Art Vhazhyl
For Class 2007, connect with Ms. Angel Ortiz
For Class 2008, link with Mr. Sherwin Muega

For Class 2009, meet Mr. Carzon

Class 1975 reunion at GSIS Village in 2007
Update on Philippine Basketball

Click for IMSHS Friendster link
IMSHS, Class 2007 - Faith

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IMSHS Generation

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Alumni.Net - Bringing School Friends Together

Philippine Website Directory and Search Engine


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"gsisvhsaa" is an acronym for "gsisvhs", meaning, 'gsis village high school' from the former name of the school and "aa" represents the triumph of the 'amazing alumni'.

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