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This website was created through a collaborative effort of the pioneer students from the former GSIS Village High School or GSISVHS that got reacquainted through the internet in early 2004 after more than three decades.


It is the first ever website to link the former GSISVHS with the alumni, students and teachers of the new Ismael Mathay, Sr. High School.


This website may be used or linked to other sites. However, you accept all risks and responsibility for damages and other consequences resulting directly or indirectly from using this website inappropriately.


All official enquiries and particulars of the IMSHS may be directed to the incumbent principal or administration. Likewise, all information about the GSISVHS can be relayed through retired educator, Mrs. Elfigia R. Braņa, who is the longest serving surviving mentor of the institution, or pioneer student Mr. Albert Tuason Rosales and/or his representatives from Class 1975. Contact details can be browsed through the links in this website.


Thank you for linking and visiting us.