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Grants Street,  GSIS Village, Quezon City
GSISVHS Old Campus

In remembrance of the first mentors and pioneer students of the GSIS Village High School who left their mark in the history page of this humble institution and in memory to those who have vanished.

Lest we forget  . . .

  God bless the beautiful nation

Ismaelians'75 in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Ismaelians'73 in Manila, 2009

Branches Extension, GSIS Village, Quezon City
New IMSHS Campus

. . . and, connecting the men and women of ‘The Ismael Mathay Sr. (GSIS Village) High School’ from the old school to the new era.

Welcome to the Ismael Mathay Sr. (GSIS Village) High School Alumni Link.

Ismaelians and Friends

Ismaelians'74 in Manila, 2007

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